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Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition 2016

Lamy safari Dark Lilac Pens

Every year in April Lamy release a special edition colour for their best selling Lamy Safari range of Pens. These are a limited edition so they are usually only available for a few months.

This year’s colour is dark lilac and it is proving to be one of their most popular colours released so far.

The Lamy safari dark lilac pens and the full range of Lamy safari pens are available to buy on the Tiger Pens website.


The World In Pens

Teacher Josh Giesbrecht makes the case in the Atlantic that it isn’t technology causing the decline in handwriting; it’s the humble ballpoint pen.

The Wall Street Journal recounts the story of how a man tracked down one of the Parker pens Admiral Chester Nimitz used when he signed Japan’s surrender to the US at the end of WWII. (subscription required)

Sharpie and Paper Mate pen companies spend more on advertising in the US than any other brand, according to an interesting article in Broadcasting & Cable.

Looks like Donald Trump writes all his poison pen letters in Sharpie, says this article on Mediaite.

Religion News Service explores the idea that adult coloring is not only good for your mental health, but may also boost your spiritual well-being.

A college student heaps adulation on a showing of drawings by Kurt Vonnegut (yes, drawing, not writing), in a column for the Cornell Daily Sun.

MPs paid an artist £17,000 to create an amazingly detailed drawing that depicted the Britain’s 2015 election, and the Mirror offers a close-up examination of all its bits.

Doodling in the workplace can aid productivity and help communicate big ideas to your co-workers, according to Business 2 Community.

A Whole Bunch Of Google Pens

Google maze penAt the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I like Google.

Chrome, Google Earth, Android, those funny little driverless cars. I even liked the movie “The Internship,” even though it was just a two-hour commercial for Google.

They make good stuff.

So when I read a passing mention the other day of Google pens, I got a little excited. After some searching, I tracked them down. Turns out it’s a good news/bad news type of thing. The good: Yes, Google has pens. The bad: They’re mostly just promotional ballpoints.

Still, these are some cool novelty pens. With the Google logo. If you’re into novelty pens and Google, that’s great, right? Continue reading

Chameleon Color Tone Pens Are Now Available

Tiger Pens are pleased to announce we’ve added Chameleon Pens to our ever growing range.


These double ended pens have an innovative refillable alcohol based system that enables you to change the colour tone of the ink without the need to use multiple pens.

Chameleon Color Tone Pens consist of a mixing chamber containing the ink & they have two nibs, one is a Japanese brush tip (easy to distinguish as there is a grey band around the cap) that acts more like a paint brush, the other is a bullet tipped marker. A blender & detail pen are also available to help you unleash your creativity whether it’s Manga, fine art, graphics or just doodling. Continue reading

Uniball Advances With Signo TSI Erasable Ink Pens

signo tsiI’ll admit it, when it comes to erasable ink pens, I never much liked the now 5-year-old Uniball Fanthom.

The ink seemed a little washed out and it never quite erased all the way. Simply put, there were other pens that did it better than Uniball.

Now? Not so much.

Uniball has stepped up its game in a big way with the recent introduction in the UK of the Uniball Signo TSI. It’s an erasable pen that looks better, handles better and erases much, much better than the Fanthom. Continue reading

Platinum Preppy – Available Now

The Preppy is a refillable fountain pen with an innovative “Slip & Seal” ink feed system designed with a screw top cap to prevent the ink drying out. Ever popular since its launch in 2007 this series of pens are known for being a true fountain pen with a very reasonable price tag.


Platinum Preppy pens are available in different nib sizes & colours. They all have a clear plastic barrel showing the size & logo with colour coded accents. The medium (05) 0.5mm nib comes in a choice of black red or blue, fine (03) has a wider range of 7 colours which include yellow & violet shades & the latest addition is extra fine (02) with a 0.2mm nib & choice of black, blue or red ink.

The Preppy range have stainless steel nibs & are supplied with one cartridge, alternatively an optional converter could be used with bottled ink. The nibs on these pens can be easily removed which some users say lends them to being converted to an eyedropper (the barrel will take more ink) relatively easily.

All in all these fountain pens provide a smooth writing experience at a very affordable price.

New Additions to the Tiger Pens Store

Kaweco have been making pens for well over a century, they are one of the oldest brands in the market & known for their high end creations.

Tiger Pens are pleased to announce the following additions to our Kaweco range:

Pen Pouches
Kaweco Sport Pen Pouch Eco Black Leather for 1 Pen – The Kaweco Sport is a compact range which follows the original 1930′s design. The Pen Pouch Eco is handmade with the logo etched into the leather.

For something a little different there is the option of Kaweco Sport Pen Pouch Eco Cognac Soft Leather, these pouches are a stylish tan colour & are made from a softer leather.


As one of the smallest fountain pens to take a standard cartridge the Liliput range measures just 97mm when closed. We now have a Kaweco Black Leather Eco Pen Pouch for 1 Liliput Pen, Kaweco Black Leather Eco Pen Pouch for 2 Liliput Pens or Kaweco Cognac Pen Pouch Soft Leather for 1 or 2 Liliput Pens.

Kaweco Liliput Ballpoint Pen Eco Brass these slender yet robust pocket pens are made from unleaded brass. The Kaweco Liliput Ballpoint Pen Eco Brass Wave are made from the same untreated brass & they have a patterned barrel.

Fountain Pens
Two new additions to the Liliput fountain pen range are Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Stainless Steel with a sleek long lasting polished finish & the Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen Copper which has a natural untreated finish


The Kaweco Skyline Fountain Pen Pink is based on the classic sport range but has chrome coloured characteristics, also now available with a white barrel.


The Kaweco Elegance Fountain Pen is a slim pen has a chic octagonal barrel & measures 168mm closed

With all the distinctive features of the rest of the Sport range the Kaweco Brass Sport Rollerball Pen is made from untreated solid brass & has a 0.7mm tip.


Artline Stix – Now Available

If the ideas suggested in this year’s Get Creative Campaign are a little advanced for the youngsters in your family you may find a little inspiration to help the kids pass some time creating a masterpiece of their own with Artline Stix.


This latest offering is a range of pens, toys & connectors designed to be able to click, stick, spin & bend when joined together with the idea of letting the imagination create an adventure. These pens & markers have a pattern of bumps & hollows which allow them to be snapped together similar to leggo or other construction blocks.

This range offers

Colouring Markers – With a rounded 2mm bullet nib they are available in a wide range of colours including a dazzling lime, deep magenta & zesty orange.


Brush Markers – Suitable for children over 3 years the soft brush tip is ideal for painting as well as colouring & is capable of painting a line width between 1 & 8mm.


Drawing Pens – Ideal for detailed drawing as the fine tip produces a 0.4mm line, there is a wide range of colours to choose from.


The ink benefits from being washable & is also non toxic & as well as being available individually these pens can be be bought in multi colour packs.

The Artline Stix web site has lots ideas there are

  • A whole bunch of templates of animals, monsters & sea creatures that you can download for a colouring session
  • Several ever popular printable dot to dot pictures
  • Instructions for building windmills, planes & puppets to name a few
  • An invitation to join the Artline Stix play club with a chance to receive news, promotions & exclusive giveaways

Artline promise to to add this list so keep an eye out for new additions.

The Get Creative Campaign is a celebration of all forms of arts, culture & creativity that is being led by the BBC. There are events being held around the country & it will run until 21st February 2016 with the aim of getting people involved, to share their talents & host debates about the merits of creativity. Once their creativity has been unleashed maybe the budding artist could show of their skills by joining in.

Pentel Stylo Plastic Fountain Pen JM11

Pentel’s mission is to develop pens offering a satisfying writing experience & value for money, this plastic fountain pen does seem to have both.


From flexible to firm depending on how you hold the pen & the amount of pressure used, the delta shaped double sided nib on the Pentel Stylo Plastic Fountain Pen will produce variable line widths.

This pen has a white barrel with brightly coloured logo’s & branding, they are available with red, black or blue water based ink & each has a colour coded end cap & tip housing.

The Stylo JM11 nib is not fussed which angle you hold it at delivering a flexible response on one side whilst the other is more rigid.

This Pentel’s nib will wear to the style of the writer over time & thereby offers a unique writing experience.

Uni-ball Signo TSI Erasable Rollerball – Now In Stock

The Uni-ball Signo TSI contains a new generation of specially formulated thermo sensitive ink. By using the pens eraser the rubbing action causes friction making the coloured ink change to clear hence rendering it invisible.


This pen has two eraser’s one on the cap another on the end which is ideal for those that like to post the cap on a pen as there is no need to keep removing the cap to erase errors. The Thermo Sensitive gel Ink could re-appear if used in temperatures below -18°C but in normal conditions a vigorous rub will enable you to erase & rewrite anything.
The Signo TSI Erasable Rollerball Pen has a 0.7mm tip & there are 7 vivid colours to choose from including violet, sky blue & pink.

Leather Everyday-Carry Pouch For Pens

Larry at The Gadgeteer recently shared a photo of his everyday-carry set, and I was particularly intrigued by one piece that seems perfect for pen people.

The Pocket Carry System from Dragonthorn Leatherworks is a custom-made pouch designed to keep all your pocket items in one compact carrier.

Example of Pocket Carry System by Dragonthorn LeatherworksThey are made from leather by Dave Hauser to individual specifications. According to his webpage, variations can use vegi-tanned leather, contrast stitching and calf-skin lining, among other things.
Continue reading

Uni-Ball Eye UB-157 Promotion 2015

Uni-Ball Eye rollerball Pens

At Tiger Pens we all like a freebie as much as anyone else and we have lined up a great promotion for you on the Uni-ball Eye UB-157 rollerball pen.

Click Here to try one for only 10p with the discount code UNIEYE10 while stocks last.

Ok it’s not quite free but the RRP is £2.79 and we sell them out normally on Tiger Pens for the great low price of £2.34 each.

UB-157 Rollerball Pen

The Uni-ball Eye range of rollerball pens are the UK’s best selling rollerball pen but what makes them so popular?

If you have not tried one before then the answer is simple they are a smooth writing rollerball pen with a consistent ink flow that has Uni Super Ink Technology. Actually smooth writing is a bit of an understatement they write really, really smoothly.

Uni Super Ink Technology is a very special type of ink that is fade resistant, water resistant & tamper proof.

The Uni-ball Eye range of rollerball pens recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and you can check out the full range in the Tiger Pens Store.

Robert Rosenberg Talks About New Esterbrook Pens

I’ve had an interesting conversation with Robert Rosenberg, the man behind the revival of the beloved Esterbrook pen brand.

As pen collectors know, Esterbrook made classic fountain pens in New Jersey for more than 100 years until it was absorbed by a series of other companies in the early 1970s. At its peak, Esterbrook turned out 600,000 pens a day, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Esterbrook logo

Rosenberg picked up the lapsed trademark and announced late last year that he would begin making Esterbrooks again. The new generation of pens are now on sale.

After stumbling upon a newspaper article about the new company, I decided to write a blog post about it. Boy, did that turn out to be way more involved than I thought it would. Continue reading

Fisher Space Pens – New Additions

At Tiger Pens we love the Fisher Space pens so much that we have added almost 40 new pens. This means that our range is probably larger than any other UK website, we also have the full range of fisher space pen refills and accessories.

Since Paul Fisher’s development of the Fisher AG-7 Space Pen back in 1966 there have been a whole bunch of other styles added to the collection, they all come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Fisher Space Pen refills can be used in all of the pens with the exception of Q4 Multi Pens), they are available in several different colours & 3 tip sizes including a special ultra violet security ink. These ballpoint pens have thixotropic ink & pressurised cartridges which allow these iconic & versatile pens to write

  • Upside down & at any angle
  • In extreme conditions at temperatures between -34 degrees C & 121 degrees C
  • Underwater
  • On wet paper
  • Over grease

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pink is one of 11 new Bullet Pens added to our existing list, these pens are in the classic F400 style & are supplied with black ink & a medium tip.
pink bullet

Other additions include Brass Raw, Pearl Blue & White & Laser Engraved Chrome see the full list here

These pens can be fitted with a choice of 4 optional pocket clips. They are supplied in a clear plastic case, an optional leather case is available.

Trekker Outdoor Pens are ideal for anyone working outdoors or those that enjoy pursuits adventure sports like rock climbing.


They have a handy lanyard & carabiner that can be clipped to clothing or belts with the ability to write in cold & wet conditions. The Fisher Trekker 725 Space Pen has a chrome coloured barrel with black rubber grip & end caps. These pens are also available in matt black. They measure 100mm in length, 9.6mm in diameter & weighs 18.4 grams.
It measures 100mm in length, 9.6mm in diameter & weighs 18.4 grams.

Fisher Shuttle Series Space Pens are now available in a choice of 4 finishes. The original AG7 design has been given a sleek makeover bringing it up to date.


These pens are 133mm long, with an 8mm diameter & weigh 21.8 grams. The nib is advanced using the push button on the end & retracted by releasing the button on the side of the pen.
The Fisher B4 black & chrome & the G4 chrome & gold have a grid design on the barrel. The CH4 is chrome plated & CH4B version has a matt black coating. All pens are supplied in a gift box with flock lining.

We now stock the Fisher X750 Space Pen in a choice of black, blue or chrome finish with a black rubber grip section.


This sleek stylish metal pen has a capacitive stylus for use with tablets & smart phones. When the cap is posted the X750 measures 145mm, it weigh in at 25 grams & has a 9.75mm diameter.

The Fisher Infinium Space Pen come with the guarantee that they will not run out of ink in a lifetime.


This stunning capped pen is solid brass & available with a black or gold titanium or chrome plated finish. The wide clip displays the logo & there is a ribbed grip section. The Infinium is 109.5mm long, 11.5 diameter & weighs in at 22.4 grams.

The Zero Gravity Series is a chunky pen with tapered barrel & triangular grip section. These retractable pens are 137.8mm long, have a 12.1mm diameter & weigh 275 grams.


Two designs have the US flag & the words 0 Gravity printed beside the pocket clip, one has a non reflective black coating, the other a silver finish. The third pen in the series comes minus the flag & logo & is also has a matt black finish. All pens have a single plunger to retract the medium nib & are supplied in a plastic case.

The Fisher Telescoping Space Pen is made from solid aluminum has a stylish matt finish. It has two grooved sections, one serves as the grip the other is used to extend & retract the nib simply by pushing or pulling.


The Fisher Space Tec Retractable Pen has a black rubber coating with a series of five red channels that form a grip. It has a substantial pocket clip, is retractable & supplied in a plastic case.

space tec

We have also added the Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic to our range. They have brass barrels & the nib is retracted by pushing the cap (hence the name).


They are available in a variety of finishes including sleek black with gold clip & rings, glossy silver & gold as well as several bright coloured options.

Create Words You Can Touch With A 3D Pen

3doodlerCreative writing takes on a whole new meaning when you’re using a 3D pen.

Based on the same technology as the ubiquitous 3D printer, these pens use plastic as ink, making for a writing or drawing experience that literally stands out from the page.

Cool, yes?

3D pens use ABS or PLA plastic which is fed into the pen in 1.75mm – 3mm strips and melted by a heating element in the barrel. As the ink leaves the pen, it cools and hardens into whatever shape the writer has created. Continue reading

Montegrappa’s New Line Of DC Comics Pens

Are you a superhero or a supervillian? Either way, you can celebrate your superness with a new pen from Montegrappa’s DC Comics pen range.

The pen models include Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Penguin, the Joker and the Riddler. The pen colors match the character – red and blue for Superman, black for Batman, green with questions marks for the Riddler, etc. – and have the characters engraved on the clips.

montegrappa dc comics pens

From left to right: Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker.

Each one is available in ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen.  Continue reading

Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Markers – Now in Stock

The Pilot Frixion family are a range of pens that not only offer a smooth writing experience they are also erasable, we all make mistakes after all.

This is all made possible by a combination of Pilot’s unique thermo-sensitive ink reaching more than 65°C when rubbed on the paper & the special erasing tip allowing the paper to heat quickly without damage. You can write & then delete by using the eraser at the top of the pens or markers without leaving any residue behind.

We now have Frixion Colors Erasable Markers in stock, they are available in black either individually or in packs of 10, alternatively there are 3 sets containing 6 pens all in different colours to match your mood.

These markers have a felt tip that writes a 1.0mm line & are useful for tasks from sketching or doodling to colouring or simply writing. Should you want to resurrect your notes, messages or art just leave it in a freezer below -12°C for a few minutes & voila its back on the page.

Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Black – SFC-10M
Available individually or in packs of 10 for further savings.


Pilot Frixion Colours Set 1 – SCF60M-6C

  • Light Blue
  • Light Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow


Pilot Frixion Colours Set 2 – SCF60M-6C2

  • Coral Pink
  • Mauve
  • Lavender
  • Sky Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Honey Yellow


Pilot Frixion Colours Set 2 – SCF60M-6C3

  • Contains
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Baby Pink




Slanda Pens Now Available at Tiger Pens

Gustav Innovation, the Swedish company behind Slanda, strive to create products that create an aha moment. Taking their inspiration from the Dragon Fly, designers Gustav Widström and Marcus Heneen have created the Slanda Self Balancing Ballpoint Pen.

The pair explain “It’s named after a flying insect that has a unique ability to shift directions within a split second – just like your mind. But it can also hover without moving a millimetre, allowing it to focus despite turbulent surroundings”


These distinctive looking pens are designed in such a way that when they are put on a flat surface they stand at a 45° angle, they won’t roll off the desk & are sure to be a talking point. Their sleek chrome bases neatly join a coloured barrel, which is available in black, white, turquoise & red, although this is more of an orangey shade.

Measuring around 17.6mm they are easy to grab & comfortable to hold, Slanda ballpoint pens are supplied with blue ink, refills are also available in black or blue.