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PenAgain Now Available at Tiger Pens

PenAgain is an ergonomic range of pens & pencils. The brainchild of Colin Roche who used his time in a school detention to develop his ideas. Fast forward 15 years & during lunch with old college friend engineer Bobby Ronsse, the pair decided to embark on a business venture & the rest as they say is history.


These writing instruments are designed to reduce the strain that often results from gripping or squeezing traditional pens & pencils. The ergonomic Y shaped cradle uses the natural weight of the hand so that pressure is put onto the writing surface instead of your fingers.

PenAgain users often say these pens & pencils can take some getting used to but that it’s a price worth paying for their benefits. They can help alleviate writers cramp, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome & also help people with suffering from conditions like arthritis. The soft silicone coating is comfortable to hold, allowing more control means they can also help improve your writing.

Ergosoft Ballpoint Pen
These pens are designed in the shape of a wishbone, they can be refilled & are retractable. The tip is advanced by pressing it down until it clicks. To retract simply press the button situated below the clip.

How to Hold PenAgain
Place your index finger through the V section letting it take the weight of your hand.
Rest your finger on the grip section just above the tip.
Place your thumb on the grip to the left.


These pens are available in a choice of red black blue & silver & are supplied with two refills.

Ergosleek Ballpoint Pen
With all the same features as the Ergosoft, the PenAgain Ergosleek Ballpoint Pen has a stylish metallic finish. The pens have a metal body with a metallic finish in a choice of red, black or blue. The nib housing is a bright polished chrome & the grip areas are made with comfortable soft rubber.

Twist ‘n Write Pencil
In the same wishbone design as the pens, these pencils are designed for small hands & can help children to naturally place their fingers in the correct position. Making them easier to hold helps to focus on the writing or doodling rather than the grip. The Twist ‘n write suit both right & left handers. The lead in the pencils do not require sharpening & can be refilled. The twin packs contain pink & blue sparkly pens that have erasers on the outside of the wishbone.

Fisher Space Pens Now Available at Tiger Pens

Fisher Space Pens have been used by astronauts since 1968. After inventing the “Universal Refill” & in a quest to make further improvements, Paul Fisher a big fan of the space program at the time, continued his work which resulted in the development of the Fisher AG-7 Space Pen in 1966.

So what makes Fisher Space Pens different? With thixotropic ink & pressurised cartridge these iconic pens will write upside down, in extreme heat, at temperatures as low as -34 °C as well as underwater.

The Fisher AG-7, the original space pen has a solid brass barrel coated with a durable chrome plating. The sturdy push button mechanism on the top of the pen extends the refill, to retract it there is a button on the side, designed to ensure it is retracted before placing in your pocket.

Today several other designs are available

Bullet Shape
The classic F400 bullet shaped pen is available in various colours as well as chrome, gold & black there are a few vivid shades on offer including lime green, purple & fuchsia. These well balanced pens are pocket sized when closed measuring 9.5cm, when the cap is posted they are 13.5cm long. They have the same legendary refill with a medium tip & black ink. The sleek bullet shaped design can be fitted with an optional pocket clip in chrome, gold, black or rocket shape.


Rainbow Titanium Nitride Bullet Shape
With the same well balanced design & features as the original bullet shape the brass barrel has a titanium nitride coating in the colours of the rainbow.


Deluxe Grip Bullet Shape
A deluxe version is available with a choice of chrome, blue or black barrels. With all the same fabulous features of the bullet shaped pens they also have a black rubber grip section & stylus for use with tablets & smart phones. The deluxe measures 10.2cm closed & 13.5cm posted.


Cap-O-Matic Space Pen
This retractable pen has a stylus for use with smart phones & tablets, they are available with a chrome or matt black finish.


Cap-O-Matic Military Space Pen
A retractable pen with a non reflective matte black finish & as the name suggests is popular with Military Forces around the world.


Brass Bullet Casing
Skillfully designed to resemble a bullet & housed in a .375 brass bullet shell this pen measures 10.3cm closed & 11.7cm posted. It has not been coated & will develop a look of its own over time.


Space Pens have been launched to commemorate special events, the latest of which is the Fisher 45th Anniversary Commemorative Moon Landing Pen


Based on the original AG-7 design which has remained unchanged over time, this pen is retractable with a striking blue titanium nitride finish & has been engraved with a series of lines to depict the historic 1969 flight through the stars.

All of the Fisher Space Pens can be refilled with
Broad & fine tips – black or blue ink.
Medium tips – black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, red, turquoise, silver & ultra violet.

Fisher Space Pens come in a branded plastic case, have life time guarantees & optional leather cases can be purchased.

The Bic Cristal Gel Pen is Replaced with the Bic Cristal Gel +Pen

From time to time we decide something needs a makeover, be that personal, at home or in the garden. Products are not exempt from this practice & Bic have decided to revamp the Bic Cristal Gel Pen. In its place, with a smart new modern look for 2014 is the Bic Cristal Gel +Pen.


The changes that stand out are the tip size, appearance of the barrel & grip. The very popular Cristal Gel pen has a 0.8mm tip that writes a 0.5mm line & has a plain transparent barrel with white text.

The new look Bic Cristal Gel +Pen has been updated by adding a metallic look to the colour
coded barrel. The tip has been reduced to 0.7mm & a ridged grip section has been added.

A popular choice for over 50 years this new style affords the same smooth writing
experience & is available with black, blue & red ink.