Brad at the Pen Addict reviews some hard to come by ink samples including the Sailor Bung Box 4B

Nifty at Notebook Stories reviews the Conceptum notebook

Heather at A Penchant for Paper gives her take on the Pilot Feed GP4

Matthias over at Bleistift checks out the The Lyra Temagraph & Eisen 480 pencil and a sharpener/eraser combo

Margana at Inkophile tries out the substantial Diamine range of browns

Miriam at Jet Pens gives us a comprehensive guide to choosing a highlighter pen

Brian from Office Supply Geek shares his favourite things about the Kaweco Sport Rollerball

Becca over at Nattosoup has a show down on Copic Sketch vs Shinhan Twin Touch art markers

Note Booker Esq. urges us to write that letter – no matter how long its been

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