Maybelline reviews the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen over at on Fountain Pens & concludes its a good beginners pen

Jeff from the Pen Addict reviews the Hero 529 Fountain Pen

Read a comprehensive review of the Parker IM Fountain Pen from Ed over at Ed Jelley

Brian from Office Supply Geek finds the Kaweco Sport Rollerball pen is a nice switch from fountain pens.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens explains why she thinks the Pelikan Tradition M200 clear fountain pen is a lovely pen.

The folk over at Peninkcillin think Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun is a fun & attractive ink.

Brian gives a Platinum Fountain Pen line up on his video over at Ink Noveau

Julie B at Pens Paper Inks..Whatever features Hakumin Urushi Negoro Kuro-Tamenuri



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