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PaperMate Replay Max Review

I recently picked up a PaperMate Replay Max from my friends at Tiger Pens.  For some strange reason this had me reminiscing over my school days.  In those days I frequently used a yellow pencil with an eraser at the end because I’d write the first thing that came into my mind, realise my mistakes & then be able to correct them.

Papermate Replay Max Pen

With pen in hand I wondered, had ballpoint erasers been around when I was in the classroom  would they have been any more useful than my trusty pencil had been.  The only way to find out was to put it to the test. Continue reading

Pilot FriXion PRO is the Same Pen, Just Dressed Up for Work

Pilot has given its popular FriXion erasable gel pen a light make-over. According to a release from the company, the Pilot FriXion PRO is meant to have a “more conventional look for business users.”

A Pilot rep said the changes are mainly cosmetic and that the PRO has the same performance as the original FriXion, although both now have 25 percent more “write-out distance.” Continue reading