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A Whole Bunch Of Google Pens

Google maze penAt the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I like Google.

Chrome, Google Earth, Android, those funny little driverless cars. I even liked the movie “The Internship,” even though it was just a two-hour commercial for Google.

They make good stuff.

So when I read a passing mention the other day of Google pens, I got a little excited. After some searching, I tracked them down. Turns out it’s a good news/bad news type of thing. The good: Yes, Google has pens. The bad: They’re mostly just promotional ballpoints.

Still, these are some cool novelty pens. With the Google logo. If you’re into novelty pens and Google, that’s great, right? Continue reading

6 More Awesome Novelty Pens

Readers, you know we’re always on the look-out for great novelty pens to share with you, and we’ve found some more that are worth seeing.

As usual with novelties, the focus here is more on fun than functionality. Still, a few of these seem like they might actually be useful in certain circumstances.

Take a look.


No need to carry a notebook when you have this pen with you.

It looks like an upscale ballpoint pen with a smooth metallic finish. But, it also contains a scroll of paper in the upper barrel that you can pull out for note-taking as needed. The upper and lower portions of the pen separate so that you can use the writing end on the paper.

When you’re done with the paper, it rolls right back inside the pen for later reference.

Both the ballpoint portion and the scroll are refillable. Continue reading

Pens For Fanboys

Have a horror/scifi/comics fan on your Christmas list this year?

You could go all out and buy him the collectors’ edition Firefly complete series box set, signed and hand-delivered by creative genius Joss Whedon himself.

Or you could just buy him a pen.

Hero Spiderman Metallic Fountain Pen

This one comes from a fellow in Singapore with a small shop selling Chinese fountain pens. We couldn’t find any like it anywhere else. Not even sure if it is an actual Hero, or if the word ‘hero’ just got added to the description because of Spidey. Also, probably not officially licensed. Still, it’s a cool-looking pen, and he also offers it in black with a silver cap. Price: US$60.


Continue reading

Pens For Geeks

Regular readers know we have a fondness for novelty pens, the ones that are usually more cool than useful. So, we get extra excited when we see pens that are both fun and functional.

These are some of our recent favorites.

Slanda pen – When you reach out for this pen, it reaches back.

The Slanda from Gustav Innovation is designed so that it stands up on your desk, ready for you to grab it whenever you need it. Named for the Swedish word for ‘dragonfly,’ the Slanda can twirl on its tip, lay down flat, or perch at a perfectly convenient angle.

Continue reading

6 Novelty Pens So Awesome They Don’t Even Need To Write

Pens are like people…different talents, different personalities, different contributions to the overall.

Some of them are like class clowns, maybe not particularly helpful, but you still love having them around just for the laughs.

As you guys know, we love those kinds of pens.

And it just so happens, we’ve stumbled across some real winners of late. (Several courtesy of our fellow penthusiasts.)

In no special order, here they are. Continue reading