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New Pentel Pens & Pencils – July 2015


We have had our latest delivery from Pentel and included were some new goodies including ballpoint pens & mechanical pencils. Pentel are a renowned Japanese manufacturer of high quality writing instruments and these latest products are very reasonably priced.

Pentel Kachiri Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm Tip – BK450

Pentel Kachiri Ballpoint Pens

The Pentel Kachiri ballpoint pen has an ergonomic triangular shaped rubber grip, 1.0mm tip & a choice of 4 ink colours.

Pentel Wow Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm – BK417

Pentel Wow Ballpoint Pens

The Pentel Wow is a slimline retractable ballpoint pen with a 0.7mm tip & a choice of black or blue ink.

Pentel KL105 Document Pen 0.7mm

Pentel KL105 Document Pens

Pentel KL105 gel roller pen with an extra fine 0.5mm tip & black, blue or red ink that is of archival quality.

Pentel Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm – QE205

Pentel Twist Erase Gt Pencil

Pentel Twist Erase GT mechanical pencil with retractable lead sleeve, extra large jumbo eraser & 0.5mm lead.

Pentel P365 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

Pentel 365 Mechanical Pencils

The Pentel P365 mechanical pencil is a first class drafting pencil with a fixed 4.0mm lead sleeve & 0.5mm lead.

Summer 2015 Pen Giveaways

You know what everybody loves?


There, didn’t your pulse speed up just the tiniest bit? It should because there are freebies in the offing from some of your favorite pen makers.

Here are some of the pen giveaways currently running:

UK Only

Stabilo contestStabilo is looking for the Young Journalist of the Year in the UK. Impress the judges with your writing and you could win your own column at First News and £1000 worth of Stabilo goodies to share with your class. Continue reading

Pentel Superb Ballpoint Pen Review

Described by Pentel as the original ballpoint the Pentel Superb is part of a large range of writing instruments brought to market by a company that have been making pens for over 60 years.


The Pentel Superb Ballpoint Pen BK77 has a slim transparent barrel, the end cap & ball in the cap match the ink colour. The nib is encased in a bright sliver coloured housing. These pens have been designed in such a way that they apparently clean themselves every time the cap is replaced, the purpose of the ball in the lid maybe? There is also a handy pocket clip that hosts the branding.

I’ve written about my preference for a squishy rubberised grip section in the past. Clearly these would not fit with the design of this ballpoint but they do have three very subtle panels that I can best describe as horizontal rows of lines. These did provide a resting place for my fingers but I didn’t find the pen comfortable to use for long periods as I felt the need to grasp it tightly, resulting in cramp. When it came to the writing the Superb was smooth & the oil based ink certainly left a clean looking line on the page without clogging. The 0.7mm nib writes a fine 0.35mm line & I’d say it would be possible to squeeze a lot of notes into a small space if necessary.

Looking through some of the reviews, quite a few people comment that the Pentel Superb proves to be very economical due to its long lasting ink. When it does eventually give up the ghost the pen can be refilled by simply unscrewing the silver nib housing, removing the refill & replacing with a BKL7.

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Pentel Energel BL60 Liquid Gel Ink Pen – Review

Many rollerballs have liquid ink & because this soaks quickly into the paper it can bleed & cause feathering. Due to Pentel’s innovative high performance ink technology the Energel XM has the best of both worlds going for it. Containing a hybrid of liquid & gel ink this pen is a smooth writer with the added benefit of being very quick drying, so good for left handers.

Pentell Energel BL60 Liquid Gel Ink Pen

The Energel XM BL60 Liquid Gel Ink Pen is part of the recycology range & Pentel say its made from a minimum of 50% recycled material. Another bonus for eco friendly fans is that it can be refilled with LR10 refills.

This traditional capped liquid gel ink rollerball has a 1.0mm metal ball that makes an appearance through a smokey grey translucent nib housing. It has a stylish gunmetal grey barrel & positive fitting cap with a sturdy metal pocket clip. I appreciate that the name is a giveaway as far as the intention of use is concerned (as in pocket) but I’m sure I’m not the only one that clips pens to note pads or other papers am I? Well this one wouldn’t stretch to more than a couple of sheets, possible because it is so strong making it less flexible.

I love the rubberised grip section, it has a series of wave like grooves & performs well on the anti slip front. Oh & I forgot to mention its also latex free, making it an option for those with sensitive skin. These particular Energel pens are also available in red & blue, & the barrels match the ink colour.

Despite being a little on the broad side for my liking, preferring a 0.5 or 0.7 nib, this Pentel performed well enough resulting in an easy going write, albeit a little scruffy. This is what seems to happen when I have a 1.0mm tipped pen in my hand for some reason, maybe that’s something for another post.

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Pentel Handwriter Pen – Review

Mention learning to write & I immediately think of children, but the fact is adult literacy classes are frequently advertised. I recently read that as many as 1 in 5 in the UK & almost half of Australians struggle with the 3 R’s, many argue that it’s down to teaching methods as much as anything else, but that’s another story.

Pentel Handwriting Pen - S575

With this is mind I find it interesting that many “handwriting pens” give the impression they are targeting children, their appearance suggests they’d be more suited to the classroom than the office. One exception is the Pentel Handwriter Pen – S575, it has a sturdy plastic 0.5mm tip which is as useful for those honing their scripting skills as it is for heavy handed writers like myself.

These pens are available with black, blue, red & green water based ink, they have a vibrant purple barrel with colour coded end caps & a small subtly placed tab at the top of the clip.

I have used a notebook for as long as I can remember, I don’t recall those early days of learning to write or making a switch from printing to cursive letters, so to my mind it can’t have been that difficult. When I want to record my thoughts the quickest way is usually to grab a pen & pour my thoughts out through good old joined up writing, so I’m saddened to see that in some areas of the education system at home & abroad cursive writing looks close to extinction as printing & computers are favoured. Although I love my iPad, it will never replace pen & paper, I think there is room for both & what will happen to graphology? Handwriting analysis can say so much about a person, oh well I suppose that’s what some call progress!

Pentel Handwriting Pen Written Review

Pentel Handwriting Pen Written Review

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Pentel Fountain (JM20MB) – Review

Pentel claim to have inspired much of the worlds writing instrument technology through their innovation. With its triangular delta shaped nib this disposable fountain pen has water based acid free ink, lets see how it fared.

Pentel Fountain JM20MB


The Fountain Pentel JM20MB has a sturdy masculine looking barrel which is predominately black subtly mixed with an abstract looking pattern. They are available with black red & blue ink, the former has gold hues, red & blue follow the theme identifying the ink colour in the barrel & also with accents on the pocket clip & nib.

Writing experience

This pen is described by Pentel as having a variable line width with a flexible response one side & firm feel on the other. I didn’t know what I would make of this, with no clue of what a delta nib was & limited experience of fountain pens. The way I write is not something I generally pay too much attention to but I’ve decided that my style of writing could be described as any which way as I twist & turn the pen whilst willing the brain to catch up & unscramble my thoughts.

Initially I was pleasantly surprised with the results of this triangular shaped nib. A few words in however & the text changed leaving an even scruffier looking sentence than the norm. The smooth writing experience I had been expecting didn’t happen. The more I concentrated on the process of writing the more exhausted I felt & I prefer to put my grey matter to better use.

Pentel don’t define the line width produced by this plastic nib, in practice it varies depending on the angle at which you hold it & the pressure applied. FP fans will be used to the different effects the choice of nib size, ink & paper have, the Fountain Pentel can produce two different looking styles of writing without having to change the nib.

The double sided delta shaped nib on the Pentel Fountain pen does produce a noticeable difference depending how the pen is held, although subtle you may be able to see in the written example.

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Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen 0.7mm – Review

Pentel make it their mission to develop pens that offer a satisfying writing experience & I found that the Slicci Gel Pen definitely delivered on this.


Given a choice I will usually go for a medium tip, considering the Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen has a 0.7mm tip I expected it to produce a wider line than it did. This is not a criticism however, this pen was lovely to write with, the ink flowed smoothly from the metal tip & was quick drying laying down a neat 0.35mm line without a smudge in sight.

Something I’m not so sure about is the barrel, it is shorter & slimmer than the average pen & the grip section is made up of a series of small raised plastic ridges which just don’t cut it for me when writing for any length of time, give me a squishy rubbery panel any time & I’m happy. The transparent body allows you to view the ink level which could prove useful if you’re working on a project with anything other than a bog standard colour as you may not have a substitute to hand to finish the job.

Pentel Slicci Gel Pens are available in 8 colours including sky blue, pink & orange, I am using red ink which is bright & vivid. The ink is acid free making the pens handy for scrap booking as its less likely to fade over time. They can be bought individually or in packs of 12 & eco warriors will be pleased to note that they are made up of 87% recycled materials.

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Pentel Energel XM Retractable Pen Review

I think it’s safe to say that not all predictions come true. The most obvious are the various prophecies of the end of the world. Then there’s the paperless office, whilst George Pake was proved right when he had an inkling that we’d be able to “call up documents from files on the screen” & be getting mail from a “TV display terminal with a keyboard” we still seem attached to the good old pen & paper. If my recent experience with a Pentel gel is anything to go by I for one won’t be giving up on handwriting anytime soon.

Pentel Energel XM Retractable Pen

The Pentel EnerGel XM is a retractable gel pen with a 0.7mm metal tip writing a 0.35mm line. This is what I’d call a chunky pen but it remains light in the hand. The grip section is rubberised & is split into 4 vertical panels with rows of grooves that do a pretty good job preventing the fingers slipping. The barrel has a metal look, its silver with a colour coded panel displaying a logo & is home to the metal pocket clip. These Liquid Gel pens are a available with a choice of black, blue, red or violet ink.

Pentel’s high performance ink technology provides a fusion of liquid & gel inks in these pens, it is also acid free & quick drying, making them popular with lefties. The writing experience was positive, the nib glided across the page producing text with not one blob or smudge to be seen. I’ve written before of my habit to frequently click the buttons on retractable pens, this one moves firmly with no annoying rattles.

Like so many companies today Pentel are committed to producing environmentally friendly products & the Energel XM is made from 54% recycled material (excluding the ink & refill).

A paperless office is not something I’m likely to achieve but given that the Pentel Energel is refillable & recycled for now my conscience is clear.

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Buy A Violet Pentel EnerGel, Donate 5 Cents To Pancreatic Cancer Research

energelPentel has been supporting various cancer campaigns for several years, starting with breast cancer in 2006. Now, the pen company is getting involved with pancreatic cancer research, too.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The color of the campaign is purple. So, naturally, Pentel has offered up its violet Pentel EnerGel pens to help raise funds for the cause.

For each pack or box of a dozen sold in the US, Pentel is donating US$.05 to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The company is also donating pens to the group for use during training and other events.

The violet EnerGels join Pentel’s range of pink pens that help raise money for breast cancer research and blue and white EnerGels that go toward prostate cancer support.

Pancreatic cancer is a particularly scary incarnation of the illness, with Pentel reporting on its blog that:

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest five-year survival rate of all major cancers at just 6 percent, while seventy-three percent of patients die in the first year of diagnosis.  Pancreatic cancer is a leading cause of cancer death because there are currently no detection tools to diagnose the disease in its early stages.

So, if you’d like to pick up some great gel pens and give a little to help improve the odds of survival, look for the specially marked packages of violet Pentel EnerGel pens at US retailers.

(If you’re in the UK, you can help too by giving directly to Pancreatic Cancer UK.)

Pentel Rolly (BP127) 0.7mm – Review

Pentel pride themselves on providing innovative products that offer value for money.

Pentel Rolly (BP127) 0.7mm - Review

Whilst the Rolly BP127 is light to hold & has an effective rubber grip section the rest of the barrel is pretty basic, nothing cutting edge in the design in my opinion. The grip has several vertical rows of indentations making it slip resistant even in my hot clammy fingers during this heatwave that many of us are currently enjoying. Pentel refer to this grip section as being pear shaped but however hard I look it’s not an image I can conjure up.

A retractable ballpoint with a fine 0.7mm tip that writes a 0.35mm line width, the Pentel Rolly BP127 is part of the Recycology range & much of the pen is made from a total of 71% recycled material. Roughly half of the barrel is transparent so should appeal to anyone concerned about running out of ink mid sentence.

The push button has a positive mechanism which is firm to the touch as it clicks into action, albeit a little loose resulting in a few rattles when shaken. Why would you do that I can hear some say, well maybe its just me but I’m a bit of a fidget when it comes to writing & like to click, twist & turn my pens whilst considering how to compose the next sentence.

The performance was OK for a ballpoint, the blue ink is a nice shade, the low viscosity pigment ink is fade resistant according to Pentel & I have to agree it was smooth when put to work. Rolly is also available with black & red ink & as far as appearance goes I do find it a little more interesting than most of the stick pens around.


Pentel White 100W L Review

Setting out to review the Pentel White 100WL I began to wonder what I was going to use it for. These markers seem to be a popular choice with budding Banksy’s but I’m no vandal, neither am I likely to be called upon to contribute to one of those murials that can be found in some urban shopping centres. Its probably best if I just stick to writing about it….

 Pentel White Marker Chisel Tip 100WL

The Pentel White Marker 100 WL has an aluminium barrel, bears a large chisel tip & writes a 5mm line. It has a valve that controls the rate at which the ink flows & is marketed as being suitable for use on non absorbent surfaces like glass & rubber. Measuring just under 14cm uncapped its fairly comfortable to hold if a bit on the chunky side, when you consider the barrel contains 22 grams of liquid that’s probably a compromise worth making.

Removal of the lid emits the whiff of varnish or glue, it takes a while to get the pigment ink to flow, when it emerges from the bullet tip it is, according to Pentel, permanent. The nature of pigment ink generally means that it can’t be removed by water, neither is it likely to rub off. Far be it from me to profess any technical knowledge but it would appear this type of ink contains larger particles which are absorbed in the writing surface.

The Pentel White has been tested & approved by a team of toxicologists at the Art & Creative Materials Institute (founded in 1936 the institute is acknowledged as a leading authority on art & creative materials) & boasts ACMI certification. The liquid is reputably flammable, therefore careful storage is recommended.

I couldn’t end this review without at least trying the marker, the best I could do was test it on a mirror a black plastic bag & blue ruler. After following the instructions & shaking well, the cap proved hard to get off, although a necessity as the markers can dry out. The tip also needed pumping a few times to release ink inside. When in use I found myself shaking the pen at regular intervals, the sound of the ball & liquid flowing back & forth reminded me of the hours I’ve whiled away in my youth watching friends with cans of spray paint trying to lovingly renovate old bangers in their parents garages.

I digress…back to the marker, the plastic bag proved a disaster, the ink ran & far from being quick drying it smudged badly. The ruler & mirror proved more successful but to my eye the text didn’t seem as opaque as expected from Pentel’s declarations. Maybe the performance is dependent on the surface its used on.

Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint 0.7 Review

I don’t generally find that ballpoints have many features to write home about, let’s see if the Pentel Vicuna changes my mind.

Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint 0.7mm

As part of Pentel’s Recycology range this ballpoint is made from 78% recycled material that apparently excludes ink & refills.

Light to hold & with a comfortable indented grip section the writing experience with the Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint was fair. The term lightweight suggests to me that something is of a low standard, or doesn’t cut the mustard, this was not my impression in this case, I’m just a little negative about ballpoint pens. The low viscosity ink, which is more liquid than a traditional ballpoint paste is said to give a smooth writing experience, whilst the pen moved across the page with ease I found it noisy & a bit distracting. I was surprised to see some reports that the ink can smudge as its said to be quick drying, I was half expecting to see some blobbing, but it wasn’t something that I noticed, you can judge for yourself in the writing sample.

In its favour the Vicuna is not a bad looking pen, the barrel is the same colour as the ink, they are available in black blue or red. There is a light grey shaped section surrounding the clip & the 0.7mm tip. The push button mechanism was positive & doesn’t rattle, another bonus, its also refillable.

Although overall I can’t say there was anything wrong with the Vicuna, ballpoints are not likely to be top of my must have list anytime soon.


Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint 0.7 Written Review

Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint 0.7 Written Review

Pentel Oh! Gel Rollerball – K497

What a strange name for a pen. Music comes to mind more than writing looking at this rollerball. Pentel Oh! Gel Rollerball

When it comes down to performance the Pentel Oh! Gel Rollerball does have a constant ink flow. As I write it doesn’t skip, the blue ink (also available in black & red) is sharp & crisp. The rubber grip which incidentally is latex free was a little disappointing. IMO it was lacking in the soft squishy feel of many such grips, hence I didn’t find it particularly comfortable to hold.

The clip is very sturdy with a tight fit that keeps it close to the barrel. This did make it a little difficult trying to clip it to a notepad. Mine was a cheap everyday scribble pad so it didn’t matter that it tore a couple of pages, however if I’d had the same problem with a journal or desk diary I wouldn’t have been best pleased!

The appearance of this Pentel is not too bad, the black & grey hexagonal pattern on the barrel does get a second look & the chrome coloured pocket clip is sleek. The things that spoil it for me are the blue band separating the barrel from the grip section & the push button (also blue), had the entire pen been black it would look more expensive. I do appreciate that this is colour coded with the ink.

All in all taking everything into account, the writing experience was good. The Acid free permanent gel ink did lay down a neat line from the 0.7mm tip.  As I’ve said the pocket clip is robust, add to that the co-operative retractable mechanism & fact that this rollerball can be refilled there are more positives than negatives to write about.

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Pentel Line Style Ballpoint Pen Review

As I sorted through my stash of pens for something to write about this bright pink ballpoint almost jumped out of the box at me.

A stylishly tapered ballpoint pen with an 0.8mm tip that writes a 0.4mm line. Pentel are dedicated sponsors of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Purchasing this pink edition of the Pentel Line Style will benefit the Breast Cancer Campaign as Pentel are offering to donate 20p for every pen sold towards research in the UK.

This pen is certainly eye catching, as well as the slender pink barrel it has a neat matt stainless steel grip section & clip, with the end cap plug denoting the colour of the ink. When it comes to the grip however, in practical terms I’m not sure that it works as well as some of the rubber styles. That said I appreciate that a large chunk of rubber would definitely detract from the style here, most certainly a case where beauty over comfort wins the day.

Other positives are the low viscosity ink, I did find it flowed freely without blobbing, available in black, blue & pink it’s also fade resistant. The barrel has a scratch resistant finish, no worries if it finds itself in the glove box of the car rubbing up against the odd wheel nut.

On a negative note, my experience was that during use the grip section came loose from the barrel on occasion & I had to re-tighten at the nib housing which was a little annoying. Still for every negative I usually find a positive & based on looks & a donation to a good cause the Line Style gets my thumbs up.

Pentel Line Style Written Review

Pentel Line Style Written Review

Pentel EnerGel X 0.7 – Review

Hear the mention of the 3 R’s & I automatically think of school, reading writing & arithmetic. An idiom I’ve always found odd as only one word begins with an R.

 Pentel Energel X

Today, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is a phrase known as the 3 R’s of the environment & makes much more sense to me, which leads on nicely to the review of the Pentel EnerGel X Bl 107.

As part of the recycology range of which products are said to made from a minimum of 50% recycled material the EnerGel X can boast an impressive 84% salvaged material has gone into its making.

A retractable gel pen with a 0.7mm ball & a transparent barrel which replicates the shade of the ink, these pens are available in 4 colours (black, blue, red & violet) & can be used time after time when using LR7 refills.

With regards to performance the violet hue from the pen in my grip was wet as it hit the page, I did find the ink to be quick drying & it flowed well as it moved across the page. Maybe a result of the ink being forwarded directly from the refill as unlike liquid ink EnerGel products don’t have regulators to control the ink flow. Leaving the technicalities aside, I can imagine that left handed users would get on well with it, & the archival qualities of the acid free ink are another benefit.

The rubber grip section was easy going & the rows of neat wave like grooves ensured a non slip writing session. Something I couldn’t resist doing was a simple water resistance test, & can report that after a few splashes a messy smudge was the result, but that’s about the only negative comment I can make, definitely a pen I’ll be adding to my desk tidy.

Pentel Energel X

Pentel Energel X Written Review

Creative Inspirations For Beginning Artists By Pentel UK

Artists, you know that we at Tiger Pens are always fascinated by what you are capable of creating with your favorite pens, markers and paper.

That’s why we thought some of you might be interested in this Pentel UK site that offers some lessons on various art forms, as well as suggestions on how to get started in everything from comics drawing to oil painting to crafts.

This little bit gave me a laugh…

‘Doodle’ comes from Anglo-American English and means literally, ‘to smear’ or ‘write unclearly’.

…since ‘smearing’ is basically the only kind of art I can produce.

Anyway, with a tip of our hats to your amazing abilities, we encourage you to visit the Pentel Arts Creative Centre to see whether it has anything of value to offer you.

And please remember, we’re always interested in seeing artwork by our loyal customers and readers. If you have a piece of which you are particularly proud, send it along and we’ll be more than happy to share it on the blog and Facebook.

Happy sketching!

New Pens From Pentel – the Pentel Sterling Excel Ballpoint Pen & Rollerball Pen

Not content with recently launching the Pentel Energel Sterling gel pen in red Pentel have brought out two new pens. Which are the Pentel Sterling Excel ballpoint pen and the Pentel Sterling Excel rollerball pen. Both pens are available in silver, black & ivory.

Pentel Sterling Excel Ballpoint PenPentel Sterling Excel Ballpoint Pen

Pentel Sterling Excel Rollerball PenPentel Sterling Excel Rollerball Pen

Watch this space for a full review on them in the near future.

New the Pentel Energel Sterling Red Gel Pen + Giveaway

Pentel have just released the Energel Sterling gel pen in this lovely shade of red. With Christmas just around the corner it is sure to prove popular as a great inexpensive gift. The Energel Sterling is an all metal pen with super smooth quick drying gel ink and a 0.7mm tip.

Pentel Energel Sterling Red Gel Pen

If you would like a chance to win one of these great pens leave a comment below between now and next Friday, 5th October. We’ll randomly select one winner from the entries. And we’ll ship internationally, so anyone can enter.

Don’t wait, get your name in now

Pentel Sign pen (S520) Review

As I prepared to review the Pentel Sign pen images of something designed with the intention of writing signatures came to mind but it came as no surprise to find that Pentel say its perfect for drawing, writing & doodling too.

Pentel Sign Pen S520

The first felt marker is said to have been created in the 1940′s. The first felt tipped pen however was apparently introduced in the swinging 60′s, a time defined by some historians as a decade with the most significant changes. When you consider men on the moon, the construction of the Berlin wall & on a lighter note the Beatles, this seems like a fair assessment.  Being around for over four decades, if nothing else the Pentel Sign pen could win an award for longevity. Continue reading

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Review

As I removed the cap on the Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen I was surprised by the appearance of the nib.  My eyesight is not quite what it used to be, too many hours sitting in front of computer monitors, but the tip of this pen was just not what I expected to see.  The nib was miniscule, at a close look I could draw a comparison with an arrow.

Pentel Tradio Fountain PenThe Pentel Tradio is a liquid ink filled cartridge pen.  Pentel claim the nib gives a firm feel one side and is flexible on the other.  It’s ergonomically designed, a term that’s often used these days, derived from the greek words ergon nomoi, translated to work & law.  What this basically means I’ve learned, is that it reduces any problems that may arise from writers cramp & can help unfortunate sufferers of conditions like arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.  Simply put, ergonomics is the science of making things comfy & easy to live with. Continue reading