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Angela at Paper Lovestory pits the Pilot FriXion against the Muji Erasable.

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Dave at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils hopes to see more mechanical pencils from Spoke Design.

Peninkcillin hearts Noodler’s Green Marine fountain pen ink.

Alex at Economy Pens counts the bumps and bruises on his year-old DP Leatherworks Utility Notebook Cover.

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Retro 51 Blog reveals the 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald.

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Pencil Talk displays the David Hayward Design 5 mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler mechanical pencil.

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Nifty at Notebook Stories envies a vintage notebook from a Lake District explorer.

PKM at Fountain Pen Restoration delves into the first generation Waterman Skywriter.

Rares at Bleistift spots a Rotring 600 in the “Bourne Supremacy.”

Guest blogger Brian at The Pen Addict reviews the Nomadic PN-04 Snap Button Case.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens gets excited over the new InTuition Carbon Fiber & Titanium Pen/Stylus.

No Pen Intended reviews and gives away samples of the new premium line of TUL pens.


Tom at Goldspot Pens declares Conid’s Fountainbel Bulkfiller winner of the Pen of the Year contest.

Margana at Inkophile explains why you need an ink blotter.

Angelina at Does this Pen Write finds comfort in Dixon Tri-Conderoga pencils.

Cheryl at Writer’s Bloc revisits the basics of fountain pen cleaning.

Brad at The Pen Addict gives his approval to the Bic Intensity Fine permanent marker.

Lito at Palimpsest delves into the history of the Geo. W. Hughes Million Pen.

Stephanie at Rhodia Drive tells the secret of why Rhodia notebooks are orange.

John at Pencil Revolution goes camping with the Rite in the Rain No. 373 notebook.

Julie at Pens Papers Inks…Whatever shares pics of her Ken Cavers Bamboo fountain pen.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens color-coordinates IKEA gel pens.

Steve at Recording Thoughts checks out the Caran d’Ache Ecridor fountain pen.


Jennifer at Behind My Purpley Life tests out Muji erasable pens on cotton creme paper.

Rhonda at the Blog of Rhonda Eudaly buys herself a green skull-head novelty pen.

Old Geezer at Pens and Pencils explores the Retro 1951 Hex-O-Matic mechanical pencil.

George at My Supply Room displays his new collection of Bic Accountant ballpoint pens.

Shangching at East…West…Everywhere shows how to turn ordinary boxes into attractive storage bins for fountain pens.

The OfficeSupplyGeek gives a thumbs-up to the J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Pen.

Angela at Paper Lovestory names names with her list of the best and worst stationery companies in the UK.

Azizah at Gourmet Pens gets to the point with the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm gel pen.

Diane at Pocket Blonde tries out the Daycraft 2013 Executive Diary.

Leigh at My Life as a Verb inks up the Omas Saffron with extra flexible nib.

Margana at Inkophile shares a tip about new forthcoming Iroshizuku fountain pen inks.


IL at Pen and Design loves the Pelikan M205 fountain pen, flaws and all.

Retrenders introduces City Landscape Pen Stands from Muji.

PKM at Fountain Pen Restoration investigates the the mysterious Hull’s fountain pens.

Nancy guest blogs at Crazy Sexy Life on the power of the pen to spark creativity.

George at My Supply Room displays his brilliant collection of Wearever pens.

Alex at Economy Pens takes a shot with the W.A. Stark .30 Cal. Bolt Action Pen.

Heather at A Penchant for Paper shares her take on the 2012 Limited Edition Lamy Safari in green.

Brian at OfficeSupplyGeek gives a thumbs-down to the Pental Pulaman disposable fountain pen.

Matthias at Bleistift explores a Staedtler store in the heart of Nuremberg.

Laurie at Plannerisms opens up her new Undercover UK recycled leather diary.


Cody at #PenSwag revisits the Uniball Vision Fine.

Tony at the Factory Automation Software Blog laments the lack of fine-point German pens.

Rhonda at the Blog of Rhonda Eudaly hunts for more Bic Biro Easy Glide fine point pens.

Brad at The Pen Addict gets comfortable with the Pentel Slicci Techo mini gel ink pen.

Bleistift finds nothing but disappointment in the recycled Lancashire Science Festival pencil.

Andrew at Stationery Review puts pen to Gumnut Hill notebooks and stationery.

Invincible Pioneer at Rough Sketch experiments with dip pens and gel pens on a Stillman & Birn journal.

Lito at Palimpsest rescues a 1909 Waterman Ideal fountain pen.

Economy Pens test drives the Schneider Xtra Document 0.3 mm rollerball pen.

Sachiko at Filofax Love goes inside the Pentel Multi8 colored pencil.


Alex at Economy Pens takes no joy in the much-hyped Paper Mate InkJoy700 RT.

Bill at Fountain Pens & Typewriters chooses the Jinhao Dragon fountain pen.

Laura at Buttontapper gives her approval to the TUL retractable gel pen.

Derek at Derek’s Pens and Pencils gets great performance from a Parker 51 Special.

Margana at Inkophile turns green with ink.

Oscar at The Fountain Pens gets close up with the Pilot Vanishing Point in matte black.

Steve at Recording Thoughts is unimpressed with the Parker Duofold.

Cheryl at Writer’s Bloc offers ideas for dealing with surplus pens and paper.

Julie at Pens Paper Inks…Whatever shares images from the Rhodia Journal Swap.

Brian at OfficeSupplyGeek takes delight in the LEGO Moleskine Limited Edition notebooks.

Rhonda at the Blog of Rhonda Eudaly tests out the BIC disposable fountain pen.

No Pen Intended finds only disappointment in the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen.

Lito at Palimpsest tries her hand at the Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen.

Jenny at GoGirl Cafe demonstrates the TWSBI Diamond 540.


Another great week for pen-and-paper posts! Happy reading!

JoniB at Daydreamers Welcome gives the Paper Mate InkJoy a middling grade.

Stationery Traffic explains why he hates the Lamy Safari. (If you aren’t reading this excellent UK pen blog, you should be.)

Steve at Recording Thoughts describes how he made his own leather-bound notebook.

No Pen Intended finds comfort in the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock pen.

Jamie at Hudson Valley Sketches recommends the Hero 86 fountain pen for artists.

Matthias at Bleistift pencil-spots in the Dirk Gently TV series.

Dan at Fountain Pen Geeks gets mushy over the Nakaya Piccolo Titanium fountain pen.

The Missive Maven suggests Scribble It! postcards to get kids into letter-writing.

Charles at Mr. Guilt fondly recalls his Parker Penman ink.

Oscar at The Fountain Pens offers a look at the vintage Williamson Lever Self-Filling MHR VV Clip fountain pen.

Fountain Pen Restoration reveals an awesome find: A Waterman’s Autograph Album from 1932 (unfortunately blank).

Mary at From the Pen Cup shows off her score from Target, a discounted Pilot Plumix fountain pen.

Heather at A Penchant for Paper finds the Uniball Signo DX 0.28 mm to be a bit scratchy.