Write an Essay, Win an OHTO Tasche Ballpoint Pen

by TonyB on December 12, 2011

There’s one week left in the Tiger Pens Essay Contest.

That means you have just a few days to enter for a chance to win an OHTO Tasche Ballpoint Pen in the color of your choice!

All you have to do is write an essay about “The First Pen I Ever Received as a Gift.” Remember, it could be a pen someone gave to you, or a gift that you gave to yourself.

We’re judging on the neatness of the handwriting and content of the essay; specifically, whether the essay is inspirational, funny, creative or moving. And don’t worry about writing an award-winning piece…just tell us a good story.

The length is up to you.

Then, scan or photograph your essay and email it to us at the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page. Please, please make sure your name and email address are written legibly at the bottom of the page.

The deadline is Friday at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner will be announced the following week.

We’ve already gotten some great entries….shouldn’t yours be one of them?

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